Monday, January 19, 2009

Start Spreading the News

From his half-itinerant life also, he was a kind of travelling gazette, carrying the whole budget of local gossip from house to house, so that his appearance was always greeted with satisfaction.

Washington Irving, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

It wasn't until I was in High School and read Washington Irving's classic that I knew the origin of the phrase 'traveling gazette.' I thought my grandfather had originated it, for it was his description of the neighbor ladies who stopped by to chat. "That Helen is a real traveling gazette," he'd say as he shook his head leaving the kitchen where my grandmother was sipping coffee with one of their neighbors, often gossiping about the happenings on their block or years later in their high rise apartment complex.

So I always thought it would be the perfect title for a blog-carrying the gossip--in this case news (maybe even some ramblings and rants!)--from house to house via the internet. I'm not sure that Irving or poor Ichabod could have envisioned it quite like this! At any rate, it will be an opportunity to share what is going on, gossip and otherwise, from my half-itinerant life with friends and family who live, work and play about the globe.

As a new year begins, I think of all I have wanted to say for all these years but have never seemed to find the time to put down on paper or hard drive. This blog will be that voice. Let's hope my appearance will still be greeted by others with satisfaction!


  1. I also remember the "traveling gazette" and
    like you attributed it to your grandfather. He was affectionately called "news" at our house.

  2. Well, I attended the lesser known events with
    the dentists at the "Gum Ball", stopped in at the
    "Bean Ball" with a few pitcher friends, as well as with Pitt at the "Basket Ball" Some of my
    Northern friends were busy at the "Snow Ball"
    Not to mention the ones who went to my favorite,
    the "Goof Ball"