Monday, March 23, 2009

Diary of a (March) Mad Housewife

While it may come as a surprise to some, it is simply ho hum news around here that 15 of my 16 picks are still alive in the NCAA Men's basketball tournament! Doug is a close second and is actually winning our pool with 13 teams still in after his near stellar first round of 28 of 32 correct picks. Burt is in third place with 11 teams still vying for the championship. Things could get interesting as Doug has broken with family tradition and has chosen the despised UCONN Huskies to win it all whereas his dad and I have stuck with our hearts and put all of our eggs in the blue and gold Pitt basket.

Despite some close finishes for Pitt, Missouri and Memphis, this year has been kind of boring with few upsets and devoid of Cinderella stories. Arizona is still in despite being a 12 seed but they hardly qualify as a Cinderella. They are more like an aging movie star who gets an Oscar nomination years after a brilliant debut followed by a period of obscurity. What they do now will be interesting. I suspect they will fold and the final rounds will be filled with single-digit seeds and a final four with all four top seeds still in.

Will Louisville live up to their top seed billing? Will UCONN win another one for the ailing Calhoun? Or will the Tarheels live up to all their billing as the royalty of college basketball? Let's hope NOT. Let's hope that Pittsburgh, with the work ethic and lack of glamour that has made our hometown famous, will follow the Steelers' Super Bowl victory with a championship of their own. Hail to PITT!

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